“I know just how painful manual data searching and tagging can be. I’ve done it. It’s time-consuming and exhausting. That’s why I set out to use the latest technology to make the process faster and the results better. I teamed up with data scientists, programmers and proposal developers. Together, we created a software that mines and tailors large data on demand.”


Pierre-Olivier Charlebois, reDock’s founder

Leadership Team

Pierre-Olivier Charlebois, CEO and Founder

Pierre-Olivier believes AI-based technology should work for more than just games. That’s why he left his high-paying job as a gameplay programmer at Ubisoft to found reDock. His experience as a former Thought Technologies researcher gives him the knowledge to understand brain-computer science. He brings machine learning to businesses. He’s the reason reDock’s customers can write better proposals faster.

Amlan drives reDock’s product and customer success. With over 15 years doing enterprise technology implementations and proposal management, on top of 20 years of defense, consulting and entrepreneurial experience, he brings a unique perspective to leading both product development and customer success at reDock.

Raman keeps reDock’s science fresh and fast. With more than 20 years in business and technology, he knows how system architecture, database design and machine learning can and should work for companies. Thanks to Raman, reDock’s technology sets it apart from every other company in the industry.

Tony leads reDock’s corporate development. Confident and connected where it counts, he’s an experienced technology and digital-marketing entrepreneur who’s guided, grown and groomed companies for the past 30 years. Now, he’s helping reDock hit the market.

Using AI to accelerate proposal development.

Why Pierre-Olivier Charlebois created reDock.

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