I’ve lost hundreds of hours looking for content in Google Drive and Sharepoint while preparing proposals and I also quickly became a bottleneck as my team relied on my memory to find the right piece of content. I tried to build content libraries and systems to host my golden content, with powerful proposal management features such as approval workflows and numerous fields to label, categorize, and describe the content. None of it got traction in my organization so we are still doing the same mind numbing and wasteful searching of long lists of behemoth documents for that crucial content.


Sound familiar??


What if you we had a proposal-aware search engine that processed existing documents to find profiles, corporate references, past answers or relevant approaches? What if this engine could surface just the right piece section of content that you need? I teamed up with data scientists, programmers and proposal experts, and together we are creating a search engine that sifts through your corporate data and finds content for your proposals in seconds.” Win more business, be more productive and reduce your frustration.


Pierre-Olivier Charlebois, reDock’s founder

Leadership Team

Pierre-Olivier Charlebois, CEO and Founder

Pierre-Olivier believes AI-based technology should work for people and businesses. That’s why he left his high-paying job as a gameplay programmer at Ubisoft to found reDock. His experience as a former Thought Technologies researcher gives him the knowledge to understand brain-computer science, and his six years as managing partner of a software development firm gives him strong insights into leadership, corporate development, and business-critical proposals. He brings machine learning to businesses.

Amlan oversees day-to-day operations to support the growth of reDock. With over 15 years doing enterprise technology implementations and proposal management, on top of 20 years of defense, consulting and entrepreneurial experience, he has lived the frustration our customers face searching for their content. It is through his guidance that reDock is growing to support some of the biggest enterprises in the world.

Raman keeps reDock’s software fresh and it’s search fast. With more than 20 years in business and technology, he knows how to make reDock’s team and customers successful. Through his knowledge of system architecture, database design and machine learning he guides the engineering team to build the best possible search engine, one that finds the required content in seconds.

Using AI to accelerate proposal development.

Why Pierre-Olivier Charlebois created reDock.

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