reDock AI search engine helps proposal managers, VP Sales, partners find reusable content to build competitive and compelling proposals in 50% of the time.

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Segment-Level Search

reDock’s segment-level search allows users to find relevant sections, slides, or images without having to read through whole documents. reDock surfaces specific pieces of content that you can quickly copy & paste into Word, Google Docs, or any other editor.

In addition, you don’t have to be a subject-matter expert to find buried content! Our AI search engine takes care of doing the heavy-lifting so you can focus on more valuable tasks.

Word and PowerPoint

reDock’s initial release is deeply rooted in the Microsoft ecosystem and can pin-point golden nuggets of information in Word files (.doc, .docx, .dotm) and PowerPoint files (.ppt, .pptx).

Not a typical Content Management System

Unlike other knowledge systems and proposal management software, reDock is an AI search engine that doesn’t require training or on-boarding. Simply connect it to your document management systems like SharePoint and Google Drive and start finding relevant content in minutes.


Hi, my name is Pierre Charlebois and I’m the founder and CEO of reDock. And today I’m extremely excited to walk you through the very first release of our product that my co founders and I built so you wouldn’t waste as much time as we did looking around for content to build a winning proposals and RFP responses. Let’s get started.

During that walkthrough, I’ll be looking for content to fill a simple proposal here that is presenting the Agile Project Management methodology and I’ll be looking for a process for a organizational chart as well as for the profiles of some partners who could work on to file. reDock is extremely easy to use. All I have to do is to write my query in the search bar. So if I’m looking for an agile process figure, notice that reDock returns to relevant sections of these documents without having me to read through hundreds of pages of content. So this is exactly what I was looking for. But those might be also other figures that might be interesting. In reDock the purpose is really to make it easy to reuse the content. So if I Click on the copy button here, essentially I can paste now this information in Word. I can also open up the context view, if I’m interested into selecting multiple sections. If I do so, clip, open up my proposal, I can paste that information and initially notice that it adds the right format into my document.

So now let’s try to do the same search in SharePoint. So like all the other document management systems, they return documents and not relevant sections. So essentially in order to find a figure that I’m looking for, I probably have to open this document. So I click here, open up the Word document, and essentially I have to start and read through it. It’s great if I’m the one who wrote it originally because I remember what page and where it is. But if I’m not, it’s going to be very hard for me to get that information. That’s a simple example, but I’m sure that your documents are way longer than this 13 page short proposal.

No, back reDock. I was looking for a slide about the history of a Agile. And reDock returns a slide, right? So instead of finding a PowerPoint documents and presentations, reDock actually surfaces information on the slide level, which is very useful. So back to reDock, you may be interested into finding information about a requirement or some content you have in your Word document. So you may install in that in available from the Microsoft app source and essentially when it’s done, you can right click here and notice I have this option to search in reDock. So when you do so the research is triggered your environment. Now notice that I found the org chart I was looking for. So this org chart is actually an image into source document and reDock uses word spotting to identify words that you may find in images like org charts, like process flows, and so forth.

This is not something that other tools do. So for instance, if I do the same search in SharePoint, I don’t find anything. So to finish off this walkthrough, let’s find a partner that has a job [inaudible 00:03:28] and reDock gets me the right results. Now notice here that Robert actually is used in multiple documents, but reDock only shows one of these results because it’s the most relevant and I don’t have to read through the same version of the same content. So finally what I can do is clip this, open up my Word document, paste the profile, and I’m done.

So indexing documents from your different document management systems (DMS) is very simple within reDock. You can click here as a client administrator on the gearbox you’re brought to the connector view. And from here, for instance, for the SharePoint connector, I can enter the domain of my SharePoint organization as well as the site or sites that a I wish to synchronize. When I click click create reDock will ask the permission to read these files. And notice here this is read only permission. So reDock will never write back to any of your document stores and I click on accept. And now reDock will be synchronizing the documents from the demo site. Now that my connector is ready and has identified one site to sync, I can press the play button, which will essentially start the sinking process. Okay, so this is done. Leave it running so that if you change any files on Office, it’s going to auto synchronize here without you having to do any manual work.

We believe that your organization as the data to win and reDock can help you find it. We would love you to experience reDock first hand so sign up for a free trial at Thanks.

PO Charlebois

PO Charlebois

Hi, I'm PO Charlebois, founder and CEO of reDock. I love tech that's easy to use and I'm passionate about making knowledge workers way more productive at creating documents.

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PO Charlebois

Author PO Charlebois

Hi, I'm PO Charlebois, founder and CEO of reDock. I love tech that's easy to use and I'm passionate about making knowledge workers way more productive at creating documents.

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