Applying Artificial Intelligence to Ease Proposal-development Workload

Pierre-Olivier Charlebois, CEO and Founder

In my previous working life, I was as an engineer for video game publisher Ubisoft, where artificial intelligence (AI) software was being used to progressively enhance the experience for gamers. It hit me that machine learning could be applied to hugely positive effect in real-world business scenarios. Ubisoft gave me the opportunity to develop astounding technology with world-class engineers, but I wanted to use the latest science for more than just, say, a hyperreal weapons-smuggler in “Rainbow Six Vegas 2.”

So I left. In search of more meaningful work, I created Koneka, a consulting company focused on customer web applications. Together, my team and I leveraged the latest technology to create some stunning business collaborations. I’m passionate about the possibilities of AI and in these projects it felt like we had found a real purpose for the science.

For example, for one legal publishing company, we created an AI-based program to help compose long and complex documents. There I recognized a need to quickly and consistently automate documents using existing, but always hard to find, corporate information.

Changing proposal software for good

When I went to share with government officials the idea of bringing document automation to businesses, I found myself deep in proposal-development drudgery. I realized just how time-consuming it is to prepare compliant, compelling and competitive submissions for lengthy and exhausting request for proposals. So I set out to make proposal development a little less painful. I understand how tedious and unnecessary manual data searching and tagging can be. I’ve been there.

I knew the process could be faster and the results better. Teams should concentrate on improving proposals and not on searching for, or writing, content they know exists somewhere but can’t locate. I approached BDO Canada with the idea to bring document generation to proposal development. BDO loved it. And I loved the opportunity to bring AI to what was clearly a pressing, widespread business problem.

I got to work. I teamed up with data scientists, programmers and proposal-developing experts. Together we created an AI-based software—reDock—that learns and responds to your precise needs the more you use it. The result is that you can develop proposals faster than ever.

Helping businesses win more business

Last year, I had the opportunity to visit a consultant group that had implemented reDock. It was the first time I got to see customer reactions to the technology that excites me so much. The group was enthusiastic. They told us how reDock had helped them win more bids. I was happy to share this powerful technology to provide practical solution for businesses.

Now I want to use that power to make the proposal experience even better and even faster.

So, while I’ll likely be a life-long, committed gamer, I’ll also forever remember that my day job now is to continue to develop reDock and help more organizations win more business.

PO Charlebois

PO Charlebois

Hi, I'm PO Charlebois, founder and CEO of reDock. I love tech that's easy to use and I'm passionate about making knowledge workers way more productive at creating documents.

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PO Charlebois

Author PO Charlebois

Hi, I'm PO Charlebois, founder and CEO of reDock. I love tech that's easy to use and I'm passionate about making knowledge workers way more productive at creating documents.

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