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Our use of artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology sets us apart from our competitors. Just like your favorite consumer and entertainment services, the more you use reDock, the more it understands you; the better it helps you do your job; and the faster it gets you where you want to go. Here’s how.

Documents that detail how you did your work, who did your work and for whom that work was done are your intellectual property. They are your corporate memory, your company’s brain. reDock uses AI to help you take full advantage of that brain, accessing it to identify the freshest, most relevant material to use when creating proposals.

This AI is complex. To mine your data for the strongest information, it has to be. reDock’s natural language processors understand your data. Its information extraction capacities arrange your facts and figures. Its deep learning systems make informed predictions.

That’s pretty dense. Here’s a simple way to make sense of the science: think about all the intellectual property you need to draft a strong proposal: project histories, employee and contractor CVs, methodologies, forms, company awards and recognitions, etc. Now think of all these elements as distinct Lego pieces, each with a different color, shape and size.

Working without reDock is like sifting through large tubs of uncategorized Lego, pulling and testing the pieces individually. You jam together blocks that don’t fit, settling for unbalanced shapes with clashing color schemes. The result is a time-consuming, cobbled-together structure. It is a proposal. And you are thankful you made your tight deadline. But it’s not quite what you wanted.

reDock eliminates that sifting. It locates and categorizes your information. Then, as you write, it works behind the scenes to extract and generate that most effective piece of data—that perfect 2 x 8 yellow brick—again and again until you have turned what would have been an ordinary proposal into a winning one.

If you have proposal development fatigue, talk to reDock about how we can give you the time to think, freedom to refine and the data to win.

Amlan Gupta

Amlan Gupta

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