With it’s July 2019 release, reDock introduces the support for PDF files and the ability to connect to SharePoint Online.

Harness PDF Content

reDock’s Proposal Search Engine can now ingest PDF files.  This allows you to conveniently copy content and sections out of PDF product brochures, visual proposals converted from InDesign, annual reports, contracts, and other documents and paste it for reuse into your Word or Google Docs document.
reDock converts any scans into readable, reusable text.

PDF Conversion to Word and PowerPoint

reDock allows you to download any PDF in Word or PowerPoint format so you can get access to usable text, images and tables instead of the garbled content typically copied from traditional PDF Viewers.

SharePoint Connector

Seamlessly connect your SharePoint environment to reDock. Select the sites to connect and your files will automatically be ingested into our system – it’s that easy!

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Hi, my name is Pierre Charlebois. I’m the founder and CEO of reDock. Today, I’ll talk about how to get content out of PDF so you can reuse it into your proposals, or for your responses, contracts, and other business documents.

PDFs are very portable, and often pixel perfect, documents. They’re used for product brochures, for annual reports, for graphics-heavy proposals, and so forth. The problem is that getting content out of PDF is a pain. Now let’s pretend that I’m a project manager working a proposal about the job process and I’m looking for information about Kanban in SharePoint. What SharePoint gives me here is documents. So I need to double click on it to get a better idea of the context. From here, I actually have to either read through it or do another keyword search for Kanban. Now after two attempts, I found a section that may be relevant, so I can go and select the section. I have this convenient copy with formatting here, so I’m going to use that.

When I paste that in Word, unfortunately the images didn’t come through, and notice that the formatting is all mixed up. So I will spent minutes and even hours trying to reformat that to produce a good looking proposal. So now if I go in reDock and I do the same search, now notice that reDock is surfacing relevant segment of information, so I get to the right section right away. I can either copy the segment, or open up the context view and then select information that may be around it. So I can select this one and this one.

When I come into Word, paste the information, then notice that the look and feel is actually very similar to the one that came from PDF. So that way, I can reuse information for product brochures, other proposals that are coming from PDF into my Word documents. reDock will help you find information at the segment level within PDF. It will allow you to reuse the segments and format properly into Word and Google docs, and will also convert any scans that you may have into readable text using OCR technology. Do you want to try reDock for yourself with your own documents? Go for a test drive. Thanks. Bye.

PO Charlebois

PO Charlebois

Hi, I'm PO Charlebois, founder and CEO of reDock. I love tech that's easy to use and I'm passionate about making knowledge workers way more productive at creating documents.

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PO Charlebois

Author PO Charlebois

Hi, I'm PO Charlebois, founder and CEO of reDock. I love tech that's easy to use and I'm passionate about making knowledge workers way more productive at creating documents.

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