reDock takes advantage of breakthroughs in artificial intelligence to accelerate the tedious aspects of proposal and RFP response creation. reDock brilliantly identifies, categorizes and updates the work you’ve done, how the work was done and who did the work — instinctively and consistently. Our software works in the background giving you the time, freedom and data to create compliant, compelling proposals and responses that win work, earn money and fuel growth.

No more tagging

reDock extracts and classifies information so you can spend time improving your proposals.

Better information, always

Access your strongest piece of information faster with software that segments your data and learns from you.

Intelligent integration

reDock works seamlessly with enterprise systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM) and applicant tracking system (ATS) software.

Eliminate silos

Enable disparate teams to collaborate at every step of proposal development via reDock’s task management and team assignment functionality.

Formatting handled

reDock elegantly adapts the length, style and format of corporate content based upon bid context, so you don’t have to.

Experience management

reDock compiles project history and team experience summaries and resumes on-demand for specific customer requirements.

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