Leveraging your corporate data to produce winning results.

Documents that describe the work your company has done, who did the work and how the work was done are your intellectual property — they are your corporate brain. When leveraged properly, this corporate memory will set you apart from competitors. reDock helps you take full advantage of that corporate brain by accessing the data to identify the freshest, most relevant material to use when creating submissions ranging from simple letter proposals to complex RFP responses. reDock surfaces content related to your work, people, and methods, giving you time to focus on delivering winning results that fuel growth.

The time to think.

Time is a precious commodity for anyone involved in preparing complex responses to RFPs. Time to investigate, deliberate and experiment. reDock takes care of the time-consuming aspects of developing proposals, giving your highly intelligent professionals the precious time they need to think deeply and act wisely to create winning proposals.

The freedom to refine.

Sound arguments and compelling writing are important ingredients of proposal development. Yet professional and executive teams are often constrained from giving these elements the attention they deserve. No longer. reDock gives them the full freedom to make the many subtle improvements that turn ordinary proposals into winning ones.

The data to win.

reDock’s brilliance is in how it manipulates your complex business data to enable you to prepare winning proposals and responses to RFPs. reDock’s AI-based technology masters, stores and compiles information on the work you’ve done, how the work was done, and who did the work—immediately, instinctively and consistently.

“reDock is a tool of the future. As the lead for business development for consulting in BC, reDock helps me leverage BDO’s amazing resources, services, best practices, and work history across the country when we respond to proposals. What did take weeks can now be done in days.”

Kieran HarropVP Consulting Services, National Consulting Firm

“The reDock team created a solution that has tremendously improved our RFP response efficiency and compliance. Now, more than 3 years in, I cannot see our team without reDock. It would be like going back to paper and pencil.”

Marc FournierPartner, Advisory Services, BDO

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