Save hours on your very next proposal

reDock is an AI-Powered Proposal Search Engine that cuts the time required to find reusable content for your
proposals, RFP responses, and other business documents by 50%.

Tired of playing hide & seek with your content?

You are not alone. On average, companies report spending 35% of their time looking for relevant, reusable content.

Reinventing the wheel with each proposal?

Ever had that feeling that you, or someone else, has definitely written something before but you just can’t seem to find it? Stop rewriting and start reusing.

Don’t have time to centralize and continuously update a proposal content library?

There’s a better way: use an AI-Powered proposal search engine to harvest your best content from wherever it is without any changes to your current system or workflows.

Find Answers, Not Documents

reDock finds specific segments of information, not a long list of documents.

Get up and running in minutes

Unlike proposal software and knowledge management systems, reDock does not require you to organize, curate or categorize your content.

Get more value out of your Document Management System

Connect to SharePoint, Google Drive and even Network Drives and enhance them with proposal-aware intelligence

Upskill your team

Move team members up the value chain by starting them off with the best content and let them focus on what matters most - writing, not searching

What our customers are saying

“I’ve been managing proposal teams for 15 years and writing proposals for 20. The consistent challenge across all the companies I supported was drawing on corporate knowledge to pull together past proposal examples to use as boilerplate for developing new proposals. I looked into content management systems over the years, but they all required a significant amount of front-end work and ongoing maintenance. We recently implemented reDock and, considering the productivity, quality, and consistency benefits we’ve already achieved, we’ve been able to demonstrate significant return on investment.”

Rebecca Rollison, B.A., CF APMP, Corporate Manager, BD & RiskAutopro Automation Consultants

“As a proposal writer specialist I manage and write proposals for the public and private sectors. With reDock, I have been able to save at least 50% of my time searching for content in past proposals versus searching directly in SharePoint.”

Erin HopkinProposal Writer Specialist, Colliers Project Leaders

“I write government grant applications and, with reDock I am seeing at least a 50% savings in my search time, allowing me to increase my productivity. I keep reDock open in my browser and with a quick search, reDock surfaces quality, reusable content, reducing my frustration level of having to search through individual documents to find what I need. reDock also helps keep me organized because all of my searchable content is kept in one place.”

Samantha ClowBusiness Funding Analyst/Technical Writer, Positive Venture Group

“reDock is a tool of the future. As the lead for business development for consulting in BC, reDock helps me leverage BDO’s amazing resources, services, best practices, and work history across the country when we respond to proposals. What did take weeks can now be done in days.”

Kieran HarropVP Consulting Services, National Consulting Firm

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